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Now that the Ink Oil® deal is done, Forever Beta & myself are working on an exciting new lifestyle concept that will be focusing on women’s purchasing power of moisturisers and cosmetics. There are some key players on board in the creative team, with award winning advertising and branding accolades to their names. We are working on a range of tattoo product ideas including a tattoo balm,  tattoo sunscreen and a  tattoo wash.

I will say more in a complete post all about the lifecycle of Ink Oil’s journey from an idea in Bali to fully fledged lifestyle cosmetics company next month. Production has begun in Sri Lanka and I am over the moon to say that our commitment to being plastic free is now a reality. We will be one of the first and one of the only companies in the UK to use a ethically and renewable sourced alternative to plastic tubes. More later…


I am currently working on a new concept called Vikra Yoga with my good friend and Yogini Honey Goode. We have an awesome Balm that we have developed called “Recharge Balm”. It is aimed at the Yoga market and will be for sale  soon. We are refining the balm (one of 3) at our factory in Sri Lanka. Like Ink Oil, it is organic and will be available in the same packaging materials as Ink Oil product packaging. We will also be creating Yoga mats and apparel. These will be manufactured in Fairtrade environments and made of recyclable materials.

We are also looking at setting up a number of Yoga retreats in Bali, Sri Lanka and Thailand over the next few years. We are talking with Investors and I have been busy mapping out the business model for my concept of Lifestyle Cosmetics, the target market niches and branding concepts. Yep, 2018 is shaping up to be a busy and exciting year.

Wait…. There’s more…

In conjunction with the recalibration of Indio Internet’s target market, my good friend and collaborator Danny Flood will be coming on board to offer his massive repository of experience as a leading authority in online marketing and how to grow a profitable online business. More here…


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